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Pimeduse koridor Kopli sotsiaalmajas
Hall of Mirrors at a social house in Kopli, Tallinn

A wall installation at a social house in Kopli, Tallinn. In the cantine there are 70 small mirrors mounted on two opposite walls. Each mirror is a unique shape or figure.

As the walls are used by some visually impaired residents for guidance, it was important to have the shapes rounded and organic, friendly to the touch. They all derive from physical objects or human figures, none are actually abstract. Some items are recognizable items, some less so. The shapes have no conceptual background besides their suggestive contours, meant to play with the imagination in a routine environment, standing in the line for food.

Tallinn, 2015

With the help of Kadi Estland and Nancy Nakamura Ideederiiul

Thank you to Ossmet for contributing their working hours for free.

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