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Tsar Nicholas II: The Family Man

The life-stories of historically important people such as the tsars of Russia are often mutilated to superhuman fairy-tales, hiding little truth about the reality of their lives. In the case of the tsar, commoners had little knowledge of the ruler's 'everyday' which fused innumerable rumors about this unquestionably human family.

Based on material gathered from various popular documentaries and biographies, the comic book tells the "average" story of the tsar's family. This time it is told in first person, making the already unbelievable stories comically absurd.

All photographs used in the book are from the tsar's personal photo albums. This also notes the break-through of photography in celebrity culture which suddenly portrayed the once holy and mystical creatures as regular people with mundane habits.

Silkscreen and stencil print
Year: 2010